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Art Day – A day with a Suffolk Potter!

Today we had a Suffolk Potter, coming to our school and giving us a workshop on how to use clay to make pinch pots. We used the skill of ‘pinching’ to shape our piece of clay into a pot; we then added texture by using a variety of tools (e.g. plastic spoons, pasta, clay tools, brushes, sponges etc.). In our classrooms we researched our Suffolk Potter (Libbi) using our Chromebooks and created a double page spread on her and her work – it was fascinating learning all about her artworks, especially the ‘face pots’ she designs and makes in her workshop. We even designed some of our own ‘face pots’ in our sketchbooks! These ‘face pots’ have all got a story behind them and Libbi shared some of them in our Collective Worship where we also got the chance to ask her a few questions about her pottery. We loved having a local artist with us in school and we now feel very inspired by her passion for pottery!