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Maths TTRockstars Day

We had great fun celebrating the importance of times tables and Maths during our Rockstar Day. The children were ready to rock out in amazing outfits and participated in lots of Maths activities. Well done to all the classes for taking part in our TTRockstars competition and to Leopard Class for their winning efforts.

In Year 1, the children explored shape and fraction. The used shapes and drew around them to create some artwork and made some very yummy looking sandwiches when talking about fractions.

Year 2 explored fractions, completing some tricky challenges in groups.

Year 3 and 4 combined their Science learning with their Maths learning, recording results of a minibeast hunt in pictograms and bar charts.

Year 5 explored the volume of shapes, using multilink to create different shapes then working in pairs to solve some problems.

Year 6 combined their PE learning with their Maths, recording results to athletics events and create bar charts to show them. THey also worked to create some symmetrical patterned artwork.

We had a fantastic day celebrating times tables and Maths.
Even adults enjoyed getting their Rock on too!