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End of Term Awards Spring 2024

We held our end of term awards today and were really pleased to present the following awards:

Progress Award

Effort Award

Key Stage One- Oscar C- For great effort with his handwriting and letter formation this term.

Lower Key Stage Two- Lucca- Lucca has made fantastic progress this term and her confidence has improved significantly.

Community Award

Our Community Award for this term was won by Bea in Penguin Class. She along with her Dad supported the local community by clearing the new burial space and planted trees to make it a peaceful place to lay loved ones to rest. Bea was in charge  of the mulch as you can see from the picture!

A special mention to Freddie in Elephant Class who rescued a cat from the road (safely!) and returned a lost bike to one of our pupils. Also to Mia, Franek, Ewan, Florence and Eimear who picked up rubbish from New Green which had been left by others. It’s lovely to see that they take such pride in our village.

Christian Value Award

This term our Christian Value award was presented to Lily Gaught. Lily has shown great courage in becoming more confident talking and performing in front of others.

Outstanding Fridays

All children who have received an outstanding raffle ticket this term were put into a draw today to win a £10 book token. The winners were:

Early Years: Lydia Sykes

Key Stage One: Monty Cooper

Lower Key Stage Two: Harper Hazelton

Upper Key Stage Two: Barney Rolin