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Writing Curriculum



In our writing curriculum our teachers have autonomy of planning and teaching while ensuring depth, breadth and excellence in the diet for every pupil. We have a long term plan for texts to inspire writing across the school. This plan ensures a breadth of writing experiences for our pupils with texts which build on each other year on year. Texts are chosen from a wide range of genres and cover a diverse range of texts to ensure pupils are exposed to both modern and heritage texts, female protagonists, BAME authors and characters, settings which expose them to other cultures as well as build cultural capital, poetry, non-fiction and high quality extracts.

In Early Years writing takes place daily as part of phonics lessons. Opportunities for writing are available in continuous provision using a range of fine motor resources which both develop pencil control and letter formation. Regular adult led writing activities occur over the term using a range of text types and children are introduced to both fiction and non- fiction styles of writing which they replicate in their own work. These are based on the child led themes each term and show a progression in skills from letter shapes to segmenting words to complete sentences.

Across the rest of the school the long-term plan for writing is designed to allow the children to experience a wide range of quality texts and text types. Within writing, children in each year group will be exposed to eight to ten different text types throughout the year. These text types will be revisited again during the year and at another time within their school journey to enable the children to experience a depth of learning.

Long Term Writing Plans