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Religious Education

At Thurston Primary Academy we believe it is essential to learn from and about religion to develop their understanding of the multi-cultural world around them. This will be done by developing their knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principle faiths in GB. This enables our children to develop their ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues.

RE is taught throughout the school and plays an important role alongside PSHE in promoting social awareness and understanding in our children. They are encouraged to ask questions about the world and to reflect on their own beliefs and thoughts.

The school has been using The Emmanuel Project for several years which covers the Suffolk agreed syllabus for KS1 & KS2. Whilst EY learn about special celebratory events that take place in the community and the wider world.

At Thurston Primary Academy we aim to extend the children’s knowledge and understanding of religion and beliefs, alongside developing their religious vocabulary.

By the end of each Key Stage, pupils are expected to understand and apply skills related to the two attainment targets and learning themes embedded within the Emmanuel Project.

Curriculum Documents