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Humanities- History and Geography

History is who we are and why we are the way we are. Therefore, we want to inspire pupils at Thurston CE Primary Academy to be curious to know more about the past in the British Isles and the wider world through a curriculum that is ambitious, planned and sequenced in a way that enables pupils to develop respect and appreciation for our history and the part it has played in our lives today.  As part of their geography lessons, we want to inspire the pupils to explore the relationship and interactions between people and the environments in which they live and upon which they, and all life on Earth, depends.   We ensure that there is a clear progression of skills and concepts as children move through the school, covering all the National Curriculum requirements.  These skills are clearly sequenced and previous knowledge is built upon as pupils tackle more complex and demanding enquiries. Our pupils develop transferable skills which equip them for future learning, in a curriculum that reflects the ever changing world. 

Humanities is taught on a two-year rolling programme and enquiry questions are used to start the new learning for each lesson.   All lessons will start by revisiting prior knowledge through a quiz in line with Rosenshine’s principles. This will help children to recall previous learning (from last term and last year) and make connections. Subject-specific vocabulary, including abstract terms, will be introduced at the start of each lesson too and placed on display on the learning/working wall.

The curriculum at Thurston CE Primary Academy enables pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. We recognise that we live in a diverse, global community and our curriculum reflects this. We teach pupils through our Christian values that diversity should be celebrated and embraced in order to become effective citizens in our multicultural society. We provide opportunities for pupils to explore similarities and differences between different communities and through understanding the rich diversity in both the history and geography of the world, we give pupils a sense of place and they understand that they play a part in its future. 

Curriculum Documents

Knowledge Organisers

We introduce our History and Geography learning through the use of knowledge organisers. Children use these throughout the topic as a tool to help retrieval of previous learning. Here’s some examples of our knowledge organisers:

Key Stage One Great Fire of London Topic

Lower Key Stage Two Ancient Greek Day

Upper Key Stage Two World War II Topic