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At Thurston Primary Academy we want to inspire our pupils to be able to communicate in a modern foreign language to enable them to have opportunities within the wider world.  We will ensure that there is a clear progression with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as the pupils move through KS2 and hope to engage our younger pupils through occasional exposure to simple stories in a modern foreign language.  

Our French curriculum follows the Rigalo online scheme which teaches pupils the basics they need to begin to communicate in a foreign language.  The scheme is largely conversational but offers opportunities for reading, writing and grammar to be taught.  French will be taught for 30-45 minutes per week and lessons are differentiated by outcome in order to ensure equal access to knowledge and skills.

The curriculum at Thurston has four drivers: Diversity, World We Live in, Creativity and Problem Solving.  Learning a MFL relates directly to the four drivers and gives our pupils the opportunity to learn about our world and the diversity within it; be creative with language; pupils will also improve valuable problem solving skills when looking, for example, at new vocabulary and how it relates to English vocabulary.  The grammar aspect of English lessons will support grammar understanding in French.

 Curriculum Documents

Improve your French vocabulary: 



A collection of videos to help improve your French and discover France:


Songs, pronunciation, vocabulary and more!


Your favourite stories but in French! You can click a button to translate them into English: 


More French interactive stories:


Want to extend your learning? Try Duolingo on the app or online (remember to check with your parents/carers before downloading anything onto a device):